Publications: the serious part of me :-)

Hello my dear readers! I thought of placing some of my published works here, to share the knowledge I have learned in the past decade. It’s not really a LOT :D. I placed the links for you to see the entire manuscript. So feel free to browse. 😀

Metabolomics approach to finding a valuable metabolite

Title: Biodiscovery of potential antibacterial diagnostic metabolites from the endolichenic fungus Xylaria venustula using LC-MS-based metabolomics

This published paper is about the application of a technology called METABOLOMICS to find potential “biomarker” or “important metabolites” from an organism called endolichenic fungus. These metabolites are intended to fight infectious diseases. After reading, you will learn some insights about the importance of endolichenic fungi and their role in the lichen association, where these fungi live.

here is the link:
Diversity of the endolichenic fungi in Sagada, Philippines

Title: Diversity and bioactivity of endolichenic fungi in Usnea lichens of the Philippines

This research is about the biodiversity of the endolichenic fungi isolated from the lichen Usnea. In this paper, you will learn that there are a lot of “fungi” living inside lichens. And what’s more interesting is that, these endolichenc fungi can be sources of potential antibiotics. 😀

here’s the link:
Book Chapter 🙂

Title: Endolichenic fungi from common lichens as new sources for valuable bio-active compounds

Okay. So since you have been seeing the words “endolichenic fungi”, maybe you will be interested to know more about these organisms :D. This published work is a book chapter. After reading this, you will learn so much about endolichenic fungi – their origin, biodiversity, biological properties and a lot more – and perhaps, you can join me in exploring them…? 😀

oops. Since this is a “book chapter” I cannot share the link here as you are meant to purchase the book ;-). May be your institution has access on this. Go check it out. 🙂