Quick Facts about COVID-19

With this pandemic happening right now, there’s a bunch of information (both facts and myths) you can find in the internet. So it is really essential that we know the right/correct information. I have gathered both facts and myths about COVID-19 (just the common ones). Give it a read and see if you’ve become a victim. >,<

MYTH #1. Excessive ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION can prevent a person from getting COVID-19.

Drunk man (sorry, it looked like a zombie/Frankenstein) hahah!

Nope. Excessive drinking alcohol or getting drunk (for some people who believe in “the more, the better”) WILL DEFINITELY NOT help you avoid getting the virus. In fact, with what you’re doing, you will just weaken your liver, as well as your immune system. When this happens, you will have a higher chance of getting infections. So sorry people. Drinking alcohol is not the solution.

MYTH #2. Areas with HOT and HUMID climates are safe from getting COVID-19.

Hot and humid weather/climate.

Nope. Again, another myth here. There is no scientific evidence saying that hot and humid climates can kill the virus. Had this been true, tropical countries around the world would not have any single infected case.

MYTH #3. COLD climate (winter) can prevent people from getting COVID-19.

A cute snowman during winter.

Just like Myth #2, cold climates or winter cannot kill the virus. Again, there is no scientific evidence that this is true. Look at those countries which have winter/cold weathers. Were they excluded from getting infected? Nope.

FACT #1. (Finally there’s a fact now) ALL INDIVIDUALS, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity, are prone to getting COVID-19.


Yes. It does not mean that if you are old, automatically you will have the disease (has anyone here seen the news about the grandpa and grandma who caught COVID-19 but survived? Well, they also survived the previous pandemics. Super-grannies! Salute!). Similarly, it does not guarantee that you won’t get the virus if you are young. It all depends on your immune system.

MYTH #4. Applying/spraying alcohol can kill COVID-19.

Alcohol in bottle and alcohol as mist spray.

There has been quite a number of explanation why alcohol (and even chlorine) will not work on viruses. Remember the viral protein coat? (please check my previous post πŸ™‚ ). Well, this protein coat is quite stubborn. Alcohol will not destroy this completely and effectively. So nope, alcohol won’t work. And please, DO NOT apply alcohol (or chlorine) all over your body. It’s dangerous!

FACT #2. Washing with soap and water will prevent from getting COVID-19.

Soap and water (droplet) :D.

Unlike alcohol, soap is effective in destroying the protein coat of viruses. Therefore, you can wash your hands using soap and water to prevent acquiring the disease. They say that you have to sing the song Happy Birthday twice while washing your hands so will be properly cleaned. Yup, that’s true. Make sure that you wash all parts of your hands (including under your nails). And oh, in case you are wondering why people are mostly concerned about hands, it is because we use our hands in almost anything we do: we hold and touch things/persons using our hands. From then on, it is sooooo easy to touch our face and other body parts, making a way for the virus to enter our body. So acquiring COVID-19 (and other microorganisms) is definitely via our hands.

MYTH #5. Antibiotics can kill COVID-19.

Pills, tablets, soft gel, ugh.

Nope. Antibiotics are meant for bacteria. So trying to take your paracetamol to treat COVID-19 will not work. 😦 And remember, please DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE. If you feel you are not okay, and that you are worried that you got the virus, seek the doctor and get help immediately.

MYTH #6. Vaccines for pneumonia will protect you from acquiring COVID-19.

Vaccines. Ouch.

While it’s true that COVID-19 patients suffer from pneumonia, it is, however, NOT TRUE that vaccines for pneumonia will protect you from that disease. As mentioned in my previous post on COVID-19, this is a novel (new) virus and it needs its own vaccine to cure the patients or to prevent from acquiring it. It’s like lock and key. It is that specific. That’s why, huge efforts can be seen from the researchers around the globe to find the cure for this virus. It’s not anymore a competition among countries/researchers. It is a race with the virus. It is us vs COVID-19.

MYTH #7. Taking HOT SHOWER will kill COVID-19 virus.

Scrub, scrub, scrub. Hot, hot, hot. Ouch!

Well, all I can say is Bathing/Cleaning yourself is a very good habit. Great hygiene. And with hot water, ohhh, you will definitely feel relaxed and will definitely have a good night sleep. But unfortunately, doing so to prevent having COVID-19 is not true. Why? Well, you take a shower once or twice a day. In between your showering, you have definitely touched things (which is a perfect way to acquire the virus) and maybe (hopefully not) you have touched your face and nose as well. THAT’S IT! You’ll still get the virus. That’s why they recommend to wash your hands and of course, take a shower, to prevent acquiring the disease.

FACT #3. Let’s end this post with a fact. πŸ™‚ SOCIAL DISTANCING and STAYING AT HOME is the best thing you can do to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Stay at home. Please.
Effects of Social Distancing.

Yes and yes. These practices will definitely help stop the spread of COVID-19. Once this pandemic is over (praying that it will be very soon), and after many years, we will all look back and say “Hey. I was once a hero during that time. I stayed at home. πŸ™‚

Alright folks, I hope you enjoyed reading this post. And I also hope you learned something (that’s really the purpose of this. Oops! πŸ™‚ ) Remember, follow the facts and correct the myths (if you can). ‘Til next time mi amigos y amigas. Stay safe! Adios!

Reference: WHO 2020


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