Let’s make things simple… and scientific.

Hey there,

I am glad you made it here. I think you like what I like. Simplification. Yes, that’s right! When I was a college student, I always wished my lecturers would have simplified everything. Like, simply simple. I bet if they told me the principles of physics, chemistry, microbiology and statistics the easiest way, I will definitely remember everything up until now. (Hey, hey.. nothing against professors. I love them. I used to be one of them =D, so I highly respect these people).

So anyway, the goal of my blog is to explain complicated (and the not-so-complicated) science the simplest way. Through CARTOONS. Yes, you read it right. Cartoons are highly effective means of conveying information to anyone, of different age and education level. And at the same time, it is relaxing. Who among you enjoyed watching Tom & Jerry Show? This cartoon has been on-going since years ago, and yet, people of different ages still enjoy watching these cute and always-fighting cartoons.

I hope I can help anyone who wants to understand science the easy way. Or a student looking for a simpler meaning of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Or someone who wants to understand how viruses work and infect people. Or just anyone who is curious about the world.. in a comic way.

So yup, lezzgoooo people. This is gonna be amazingggg!

Oh, BTW, I will be including my references to all my post (journals, books, reputable websites) in case you want to directly access the information. Don’t worry. You can trust me on this. I got you! 😉

Cartooningly yours,


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